Git Cheat Sheet

Update GitLab Repository Default Branch from Master to Main

Update your GitLab repository to remove the `master` branch and use a branch calld `main` as the default branch in its stead.

Git Basics

Git is prevalent and powerful, but getting started is not intuitive.

Approachable and Beautiful Command Line with Fish and Starship

The command line can be daunting, slow and ugly, or it can be one of the most efficient ways to interact with a computer.

Getting Started creating CI/CD Pipelines

Breaking CI/CD Pipelines down into their components, so they can quicly be understood, designed and built.

Collectstatic - Running Django in Production

What is Django’s collectstatic method and why it is necessary for running applications in production.

Git Design Pattern for Sandbox and Testing CI/CD Pipelines

Ideally there is CI set up for sandboxes, but the right design pattern is not obvious.

Create a Hugo Static Site on GitLab Pages

Step by step instructions to create a Hugo Static Site using GitLab Pages.

Python Style Guide

What I have learned after a couple of years of writing python professionally distilled into a style guide.