iOS is worse than Android

Surprisingly basic iOS functionality is somehow worse than Android.

Maximizing Business Process Automation ROI

Git History Needs a Higher Level

Redirecting Hosted Hugo Pages

Redirect a page to its new location after it has been moved and have the redirect reflected locally, in GitLab pages, or Netlify.

Adding reCAPTCHA to Django Forms

Adding Google's reCAPTCHA to a Django form and testing

What I dislike about Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful, graceful, fully featured web framework, but it makes pattern recognition hard

Microservices for Business System Integration: A Bad Idea

Microservices add complexity to business system integration without most of their usual benefits.

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How to make your Hugo site open external links in a new tab.

Hugo Taxonomies

Understanding the listing pages automatically generated by Hugo

Git Cheat Sheet