Rails app/lib Must Go

If it doesn't fit in a standard Rails object write Ruby code in the top level lib directory.

Vicious and Virtuous Cycles

Consistant behavior is perpetuated by a system. When changing that behavior is hard try changing something easy in the same system.

User Stories enable Creativity

Leveraging user stories enables creative pivots in strategy as you build.

Philosophy Major to Shopify Staff Developer

My path from arts major to software development.

iOS is worse than Android

Surprisingly basic iOS functionality is somehow worse than Android.

Maximizing Business Process Automation ROI

Git History Needs a Higher Level

Redirecting Hosted Hugo Pages

Redirect a page to its new location after it has been moved and have the redirect reflected locally, in GitLab pages, or Netlify.

Adding reCAPTCHA to Django Forms

Adding Google's reCAPTCHA to a Django form and testing

What I dislike about Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is a powerful, graceful, fully featured web framework, but it makes pattern recognition hard